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This is the section where users can mint their NFTs.
The section consists of two main information boxes:
  • The Minting Network Difficulty: showing how hard it is at a moment to mint NFT. The estimated minting price also varies along with the change in minting difficulty
  • The Minting Box: presenting the area for users to choose the NFT quantity minted, to check the total price and confirm payment
How to own BearNFT: Users have to own our Mystery Box to have BearNFT
  • Step 1: Choose the Mystery Box that you want to buy
Users can go to the website: INO.ALPHABEAR.IO to get our Mystery Box
Each Box got different number of BearNFT and benefits!
  • Step 2: Check the total price to be paid
Note: Users will have to pay a little BNB for Binance Smart Chain fee
Don't forget to fill in your discount code from our partners or KOLs to get up to 10% discount
  • Step 3: Click “Confirm payment” button to finish the process
Last modified 10mo ago