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As mentioned before, the NFT BEAR performs as a token mining machine for users. The BearMINING section shows the status of token mining activity for each account.
1. Personal mining data: Includes calculated indexes of mining status
  • Based hashrate
  • Extra hashrate
  • Total hashrate
  • Total $BEAR mined
2. Mining Team: Reveals the distribution of NFTs within mining teams
Each Mining Team has 5 slots for installing NFT BEAR. New user accounts will be granted 5 initial slots in a mining team to install BEAR and start earning token.
Users having more than 5 NFTs and want to be involved in mining activity must unlock new mining teams to install BEARs. It will cost 5 BUSD for each transaction of unlocking a new mining team.
How to install NFT BEAR into a mining team:
At the position that’s available for installing new NFT, click on the circle with + sign. A pop-up window will appear for choosing NFT to add to mining team.
Users click on the “Team Up” button below the NFT to be added, and finish the installation.
NOTE: There will be an “Auto Team” function which helps team up NFTs automatically for the best hashrate. This function will be launched soon.
How to uninstall NFT BEAR from a mining team:
Users click on the “Unmine” button below the NFT to be removed, and finish the uninstallation.
How to unlock a new mining team:
Users click on the lock icon of a new mining team. A pop-up window will appear to complete the transaction.
Users confirm the payment to finish this unlock session.