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AlphaBEAR.io was developed to build a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for NFT. AlphaBEAR.io aims to simplify the entire process of building (creating), buying, selling, exchanging, and pricing NFTs for the end users.
AlphaBEAR.io also brings a valuable solution for the end users when they hold and own BearNFTs as well as the $BEAR tokens. When holding this project's NFTs and tokens, end users are also holding a share of the project's revenue and profit. All project information will be transparently updated on-chain so that all shareholders can easily grasp it any time.
AlphaBEAR.io also brings GameFi Elements to the end users to make owning NFTs more fun and less boring.
Users can own BearNFT at a very low cost in the initial stage, and they can get the long-term benefits of the project when the AlphaBEAR Ecosystem is completed. *Note: AlphaBEAR.io is in Alpha Testing phase, therefore all the information, content, mechanisms, methods etc. written in this Whitepaper are completely subject to change without prior notice.